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With connection technology getting ever more complex, it's no surprise that ready-made system solutions from a single source are becoming increasingly popular. One of the first companies to identify this trend is U.I. LAPP GmbH. Besides supplying customized cable assemblies, the firm has long been supplying servo assemblies for connecting servo drives in line with the standards of leading manufacturers and it is also a major supplier of turnkey power chain systems. Up to now, configuring the latter has always been a complex procedure. However, all that is set to change, as the ÖLFLEX CONNECT CHAIN configurator from LAPP turns a challenging task into child's play. It is claimed that just a few clicks is all it will take to engineer a power chain online.

The ÖLFLEX CONNECT CHAIN configurator guides users step-by-step through the process of choosing a cable chain, cables and the ideal accessories. Every step of the way, the digital assistant makes sure that components are compatible, especially when it comes to minimum bend radius. And if the cable chain does have a smaller bend radius than the cables, which would considerably reduce their service life, the configurator will display a warning message and suggest alternative types of cable chain. Other criteria include travel distance, acceleration, temperature behavior and shielding, with the configurator automatically excluding cables that are not suitable for the application. If required, the system will integrate dividers and shelves - while ensuring that the weight of the cables is evenly distributed along the power chain. When the configuration is complete, users receive a personalized quotation and are then able to choose whether they want to purchase the power chain fully assembled by LAPP or as individual components, with the option of having cables pre-cut to the appropriate lengths.

U.I. LAPP GmbH (70565 Stuttgart, Germany)
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