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The Engineering Damping Material 1000 (EDM 1000) developed by 3M aims to improve the efficiency of electric vehicles and reduce CO2 emissions. While conventional insulating materials focus on dampening noise in the low-frequency range below 1,000 Hz in vehicle interiors through their mass, 3M is adopting a different approach by leveraging the principle of lightweight construction. EDM 1000 uses a stand-off design with lightweight kinetic spacers to increase the material stress and enhance the effectiveness of the damping layers.

The self-adhesive backing of the “flexible” material allows for both manual and fully automated processing. According to the manufacturer, EDM 1000 achieves the same insulation performance as aluminum butyl when just half as much of the product is applied to the surface to be insulated. Depending on the vehicle type, this enables the weight to be reduced by up to 6 kg. Since less material is used, such lightweight solutions are also proving increasingly popular due to their better resource efficiency .