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Industry 4.0 currently lacks a wireless standard for reliable real-time communication between machines. ‘ HiFlecs ’, or to give it its full name: ‘high-performance, reliable wireless technologies and their system integration into prospective industrial closed-loop applications’, could provide the answer here. Coordinated by the Technology Center Informatics and Information Technology ( TZI ) at the University of Bremen, a team of eleven scientists and industry partners have put the basics into place for this new HiFlecs wireless standard.

The partners took a holistic approach, developing technologies for both the rapid transmission of data and end-to-end resource and network management. Project coordinator Armin Dekorsy from the TZI also sees in HiFlecs an opportunity to complement the new cellular mobile communications standard 5G, to meet specific industry requirements. Further development is still required, though, to make HiFlecs market-ready. Interested companies can contact the TZI.