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Linear positioners are used to move objects reliably and position them precisely. One problem with the drives used for this purpose, particularly in linear positioners driven by leadscrews, is the tendency of leadscrews above a certain length to start oscillating at relatively high speeds, which reduces the lifetime of the positioner. Until now linear positioners suffering from this problem could only be operated at very low speeds. Now Minden-based RK Rose + Krieger has developed a traveling leadscrew support that provides unprecedented smooth running over the full leadscrew speed range even in long leadscrew-driven linear positioners, and visitors to this year's HANNOVER MESSE can see it in action for themselves.

The traveling leadscrew supports in the RK Duoline S family reduce the unsupported length of the leadscrew, allowing drives to run continuously at speeds up to 2,800 rpm without irritating vibrations and with zero maintenance. A maximum velocity of 2.4 m/s can be achieved with no sacrifice of service life, even with travel lengths up to five meters. The leadscrew supports also feature zero maintenance and zero wear, and they can be operated in any desired installation orientation. The individual supports are held in place by friction-lock mounts. Up to six supports can be fitted on each leadscrew end.

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