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Although the two companies have entered into a respective takeover agreement, the financial details of the transaction have not yet been announced. Mackevision solutions are used for product configurators, digital catalogs, virtual showrooms and multimedia kiosks, as well as TV and motion picture films. Among other things, the Stuttgart team won an Emmy for the visual effects in the series Game of Thrones .

At the heart of the portfolio, however, according to Accenture , is the ability to create and refine digital twins from real-world products such as automobiles, aircraft, consumer goods or machinery. Mackevision produces “creative and emotional image content” on this basis, transforming data into virtual applications and real, immersive XR product experiences (extended reality): “The digital reinvention of industry is gaining momentum, and digital twins are the key to that,” says Frank Riemensperger, CEO of Accenture Germany, with assurance. The applications across all industries are apparently enormous. Mackevision has been particularly successful to date in the automotive industry, where the company counts brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche among its customers.

The union could be a happy one. In a recent study , Deloitte’s consultants showed that the potential of digital twins is far from exhausted. Apparently there is still some catching up to do in the areas of connected cars and data centers, logistics and aviation.