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From factory automation to logistics automation to process automation, SICK AG from Waldkirch in the Black Forest sets many industries in motion with its sensor solutions. As a technology and market leader, the company from Breisgau, Germany, creates the perfect basis for safe and efficient control of processes, for protecting people from accidents, and for preventing environmental damage with its sensor intelligence and application solutions. As its latest achievement, SICK is now presenting a condition monitoring sensor for simultaneous vibration, shock, and temperature monitoring.

More transparency, fewer machine downtimes, higher efficiency

When operating machines with rotating components, i.e. electric motors, fans, turbines or ventilators, it is important to ensure smooth operation and to detect possible signs of machine failure at an early stage. This is where the Multi Physics Box condition monitoring sensor is set to help in the future. According to SICK, the new Multi Physics Box mpb10 simultaneously detects vibrations, shocks, and temperature, thus providing important indications of faulty processes that can lead to machine or plant failures. Based on the sensor data, malfunctions can be detected at an early stage and maintenance can be planned depending on the condition. The result: cost savings and efficiency gains due to less unscheduled downtime.

Simple parameter evaluation with high data quality

In order to be able to identify incipient faults, data interpretation must of course be as simple as possible. And the Multi Physics Box also helps with this. For example, the sensor records vibrations via a MEMS element and processes them directly according to the configurations. The final data output provides indication values in the time and frequency range that are much easier to interpret than pure raw data. If the measured values exceed individually definable limits, an alarm is also output. A multi-level alarm according to ISO 10816-3 can even be implemented for monitoring vibration limits. An optional trigger ensures precisely reproducible measurements. The sensor itself can be integrated into the machine or system via IO-Link or via a simple alarm-based switching signal and functions both on-site and in conjunction with a cloud service.

Universal use thanks to robust design and great flexibility

SICK sees virtually no limits to the range of applications for the Multi Physics Box. The sensor technology is well protected by a robust stainless steel housing; even fine dust or water cannot harm it thanks to protection class IP68. At ambient temperatures between -40 degrees Celsius and +80 degrees Celsius, the sensors are said to deliver consistently reliable data. Thanks to flexible parameterization options, the sensor can also be used in a wide variety of applications. In other words, the Multi Physics Box is suitable for continuous condition monitoring in almost any industrial context and serves as a reliable data supplier even under harsh environmental conditions.