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The technology involving 3D printing of metallic materials has developed rapidly in recent years. Additive Industries and the SMS group have now decided to develop and jointly market a production system for additive manufacturing on an industrial scale. The two partners specialize in the core technologies of additive manufacturing: the production of metal powder (SMS) and 3D printing. Only the close coordination of these two decisive process steps enables the mass production of components with reproducibly high quality in additive processes.

The production concept should include not only the production of powder and 3D printing, but the further stages through to delivery of the finished component. The entire process should be designed to maximize productivity, making additive manufacturing competitive with mass production. EOS and British manufacturer GKN Powder Metallurgy have been pursuing a similar strategy – although with a specific focus on the automotive industry – since the beginning of the year. A printing press specialist and a materials engineering firm have once again joined forces to promote the additive mass production of metal parts.