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According to the study conducted by US market research firm Gartner, the use of artificial intelligence could create 2.3 million new jobs worldwide by 2020, while the transformation of the labor market could result in a loss of only 1.8 million jobs. If this is true, AI’s bad reputation may be traced mainly to mixing up AI with automation in industrial manufacturing, which continues to forge ahead.

The impact of AI is expected to vary by industry. AI support could especially benefit employees with demanding jobs by reducing their routine workload and thus contributing to a significant overall increase in productivity, according to Gartner.

A study by the consulting firm Capgemini also reported positive findings in September: according to the surveyed companies, artificial intelligence is already creating new areas of responsibility today and has also led to a ten percent increase in sales. Specifically for Germany, McKinsey expects GDP growth of 4 percent by 2030, and above all sees the possibility of avoiding the demographic bottleneck thanks to artificial intelligence.