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The overriding theme of the two days was the democratization of machine learning. That is why the organizers invited Prof. Dr. Frank Hutter and his team from the University of Freiburg and Prof. Dr. Marco Huber from Fraunhofer IPA to the meeting. Hutter is considered one of the fathers of the AutoML approach and took part in the discussion in Lossburg. Huber recently published a paper on the topic of XAutoML (a visual analysis tool for understanding and validating automated machine learning)

Many participants came to the meeting with a rough idea: AutoML speeds up processes and simplifies them. However, new ideas for the AutoML approach emerged within the working groups. The automation experts in the teams in particular saw AutoML as an inspiration for their day-to-day work, as the tool provides employees with new approaches. This is because there is often a lack of time to read every new paper and try out algorithms. This is where AutoML can help to stay up to date. At the same time, AutoML is also a way of standardizing and documenting the development process. This was followed by a discussion on whether AutoML could play an important role in the upcoming AI Act certification process. Machine builders and automation specialists responded in the affirmative and Prof. Dr. Frank Hutter and his team took new ideas home with them, as did the participants.

"We want to connect cutting-edge research from Europe with industry, develop ideas together over the two days, learn from each other, reject approaches and network," explains Onuora Ogbukagu, who is in charge of the format for HANNOVER MESSE.

For HANNOVER MESSE, the topic of Industrial AI is one of the key themes for the upcoming trade fair in April 2024. "We discuss with decision-makers on site and bring them to Hannover to meet with our exhibitors," adds Ogbukagu.

The next round of "AI in the Alps" will take place in July 2024 on the topic of "AI and Simulation".

If you and your team want to find out more before April, then register for the the HANNOVER MESSE Conference AI in Industry in Frankfurt on January 24, 2024 .