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The digital factory of Allianz consists of two agile training centers and the “Kaiser X Labs” collaborative space. One of the goals is to transform topics from a strictly hierarchical structure into an agile one, explains Dr. Daniel Poelchau, manager of the digital factory. Work is done in small teams, who independently develop products in short intervals.

At the Munich location of the global digital factory, a concept that has now won the German Design Award 2018 was implemented together with the architecture and consulting firm Conceptsued and the Amsterdam-based UNStudio . The rooms are designed to enable a smooth transition between different communication and work processes. Writeable walls separate the individual areas, and rollable furniture quickly makes smaller or larger teams possible. Around 120 experts from the Allianz Group are currently working in the digital factory on a gross floor area of over 2700 m².

More and more companies are currently establishing digital factories, even though the term is sometimes used very differently, as the process automation firm Roboyo rightly points out, which had already exhibited an RPA model ( Robotic Process Automation ) at the Hannover Trade Fair in 2016. Siemens , for example, is working on the complete digital representation of the physical value chain, while Deutsche Bank wants to develop digital financial products.