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There is currently a 7-hectare special area devoted to energy production where the historic radio station Merscher Höhe used to be. The Brainergy Park Jülich is intended to bring together research and industry there. The three municipalities of Jülich, Niederzier, and Titz already have an excellent infrastructure and qualified workers for renewable energies: Just one street away are the University of Applied Sciences Campus Jülich and the Solar Institute of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, which are also contributing to the planning and implementation of the project, as well as the German Aerospace Center with the local Institute for Solar Research . “We want to be a model for Germany,” says Michael Bayer, Managing Director of the Aachen Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Financially, the master budget currently includes a total cost of 56,481,000 euros. The municipalities have so far relied on the state and the federal government.

A quick and efficient solution to climate change is also desirable from an industry perspective . The “ Climate Paths for Germany ” study by the Federation of German Industries shows how difficult it is to meet the 80 percent target by 2050 without burdening the industry too much. The Brainergy Park is intended to show new ways and means.