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The LLM integration is specially optimised for TwinCAT 3 users, which means that the knowledge base has been extensively supplemented with TwinCAT-specific content. This means that specific questions can be asked directly and the LLM does not first have to be informed that TwinCAT is being used and the code examples are expected in structured text. The generated code can then be adopted directly.

Keyword creativity: With the help of the LLM as part of TwinCAT Chat, the system can also create an initial draft for a human machine interface with operating elements from the human input. How high is the pressure? What is the operating temperature? The designs are a first step and accelerate the design process. In the Industrial AI Podcast, the two explain how this works, how to build a product from an LLM, what customers expect from Beckhoff and how the makers themselves navigate the LLM jungle.