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With the new MindApp Analyze MyDrives, Siemens is presenting a MindSphere-compatible application for use in the cloud, which enables the data analysis of digitized drives and machine tools. As the underlying IoT operating system is an open approach, industrial manufacturing equipment from different manufacturers can be integrated and monitored using the new add-on program. It enables a continuous monitoring of sensory machine data, allowing the operator to make statements about the efficiency of drive systems or initiate predictive maintenance measures. Production stops due to unnecessary scheduled maintenance or unexpected failures can be avoided in this way.

Analyze MindDrives controls Sinamics V20, V90, G modular and compact, as well as S inverters, and indicates any maintenance needs based on power consumption, torque, and frequency checks. Ideally, the responsible mechanical engineer is automatically notified, allowing him to carry out any necessary work. Together with partner companies such as Festo , Siemens is thereby intensifying its own efforts to establish MindSphere as an open, manufacturer-independent Industry 4.0 standard.