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Sunfire GmbH specializes in developing and manufacturing systems for generating renewable industrial gas and fuel. These "e-gases", "e-fuels" and "e-chemicals" are substitutes intended to replace fossil fuels such as crude oil and natural gas in existing infrastructures in future. The solid oxide fuel cells used for the conversion process can also be used as generators to provide electricity and heat. Sunfire's vision is to make regenerative energy from sources such as wind farms, hydropower plants and photovoltaic systems available wherever it is needed – and at any time, not just when nature provides the right conditions.

Sunfire-Home is the company's latest development - a combined heat and power appliance designed to increase independence and lower energy costs. Thanks to the system's compact design, Sunfire is able to make its ecological ambitions a reality in people's homes. Based on innovative solid oxide fuel cell technology, Sunfire-Home reduces greenhouse gas (CO2), pollutant (NOx) and particulate emissions. It is also said to generate heat and electricity with the utmost efficiency, thus significantly reducing energy costs. Older buildings in particular are where these benefits truly shine, as very few changes need to be made to the building's existing infrastructure. Of course, the units are also suitable for use in new-builds to satisfy the latest energy efficiency requirements. As add-on devices based on LPG/propane or natural gas, they are easy to install and can fit in virtually any boiler room thanks to their compact dimensions.

Sunfire GmbH (01237 Dresden, Germany)
Website: www.sunfire.de