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Several startups are already working on transport markets in order to make the national and international transport of goods by road as efficient as possible. Flexible solutions and digital platforms are among the most promising approaches to reducing traffic. The Hamburg-based company Cargonexx goes one step further and uses the data and statistics gained to plan transport routes in real time. Even the weather and the current volume of traffic flow into the tour planning. The AI algorithm should reduce countless idle miles and long waiting times, or at best avoid them altogether.

In the meantime, 5,000 transport companies with more than 70,000 trucks are already using the Cargonexx platform. The young company, founded in 2016, has already expanded into six European countries. For its intelligent software, the Hamburg-based company was honored in 2017 with the German Spark Award Digital Prize. Thanks to Hamburg Invest, Cargonexx will also be coming to this year's Cebit , along with 14 other startups from the Hanseatic city.