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The software products developed by VISCOPIC GmbH, which has years of wide-ranging project experience, are designed to allow anyone to generate AR content on their own. VISCOPIC recognized recurring patterns in its customers' problems and demands, which prompted it to develop these software tools. When designing the platform, user-friendliness was always a top priority. The system is designed to allow even newcomers to augmented reality to generate content without needing any programming skills.

The new VISCOPIC Pins, an application that supports both the rapid prototyping of an AR app and the generation of scalable content, is just one of the products the company is showcasing in Hannover this year. Thanks to this application, users can create augmented reality content for a variety of end devices and project the generated work and instruction steps onto real objects. This means work processes in a whole variety of areas can be simplified by enhancing infrastructures with information. "The biggest challenge was designing a system that allows the user to create Augmented Reality workflows as quickly and simply as possible without having to understand all the underlying technological complexities," explains Felix Meissgeier, co-founder and Head of Product Development at VISCOPIC. "By developing VISCOPIC Pins, we've managed to provide AR novices and experts with a tool suitable for both rapid AR prototyping and scalable content creation. I am always delighted to see how even newcomers to augmented reality can now - in a matter of minutes instead of weeks - implement their own applications using mixed-reality smart glasses, such as the Microsoft HoloLens."