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When done manually, it’s a lot of work to integrate volume parameters into a transport management system, according to an analysis by the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operations and Automation (IFF). The institute, together with multiple partners, has developed a 3D multi-sensor system called ScanSpector that logs logistical objects in full and in real time. According to IFF, the system also recognizes deviations from the expected state. It is compatible with other technologies and can therefore be easily integrated into existing transport management systems. ScanSpector was introduced at the opening of a new DHL cargo center. In the future, it is expected to also be able to register cargo on a forklift.

Elsewhere, other methods for cargo management are also being developed. AKL-tec, a company based in Alsdorf, located between Cologne and Bonn in Germany, specializes in measuring large pallets. Alongside various scanner systems, their portfolio also includes multi-sensor system software.