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Aftersales turnover in companies generally brings in about 2.5 times the margin of the sale of a machine. That’s why remberg, a Munich-based startup founded in 2018, developed a cloud-based asset relationship management system (ARM system) that can be used by machine manufacturers to organize the service processes of their products over the entire life cycle.

remberg’s ARM system collects data from ERP, CRM and PDM systems in the cloud and uses it to give manufacturers an overview of their machines. The software can be used to analyze which customers need replacement parts, maintenance work, overhauls or digital services. The manufacturer can also provide the customers with access to important information like documentation, replacement part catalogs and/or service issues. Depending on the degree of digitization of the installed machine, orders for replacement parts can also be automated using an IoT data connection.

remberg’s concept has been popular with investors: Fly Ventures and Speedinvest venture capital funds, and others, have supported the company with seed funding of two million euro .