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The robotics technology company AutoStore has installed an automated file storage system in the recently completed FBI Central Records Complex in Winchester, Virginia, USA. The system is the country's first robot-controlled storage and retrieval system in a U.S. General Service Administration (GSA) project.

The ultra-modern, 24,000-square-meter facility consolidates and stores files and data records from 256 branch offices around the world. The high-density AutoStore system does not require aisles and uses the entire available space to store the documents. Above the cube-shaped storage system, 140 radio-controlled robots maneuver across a grid system above the 16-level-deep stacks of containers in order to retrieve the requested items from one of the 360,000 bins. The software saves both data record and storage location numbers so that the robots work reliably and can access the correct containers without the system supplier himself having access to the contents of the data records.