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The Busch Group, based in Maulburg in southern Germany, is one of the world's largest developers and manufacturers of vacuum pumps, vacuum systems, blowers, compressors and exhaust gas purification systems. The Busch Group unites the three well-known brands Busch Vacuum Solutions, Pfeiffer Vacuum and centrotherm clean solutions under one roof. The extensive product and service portfolio includes solutions for vacuum, overpressure and exhaust gas cleaning applications in all industries, such as semiconductors, food, analytics, chemicals and plastics. This also includes the design and construction of customized vacuum systems as well as a global service network. Busch has now developed an important solution for the high demands of the hydrogen and fuel cell sector in particular and will be presenting it at HANNOVER MESSE 2024: the MINK MH.

Versatile use of MINK MH blowers in fuel cell technologies

Busch will be presenting two blowers from the MINK MH series, the MINK MH 0018 and the MINK MH 0040, at Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE in Hanover. According to the manufacturer, the blowers are suitable for use in all areas of application in which fuel cell systems are used today and in the future (stationary, heavy-duty, maritime, rail, aviation). Their compact dimensions make them particularly suitable for direct integration into fuel cell systems. In larger systems, several blowers can be operated in parallel.

Reliable recirculation of hydrogen in fuel cells

MINK MH recirculation blowers have been specially developed for the recirculation of excess hydrogen in fuel cells. The blowers recirculate the hydrogen dry and contact-free using claw compressor technology. Thanks to their intelligent variable speed drive, the volume flow can be adapted to the actual hydrogen requirement of the fuel cell, which is intended to achieve a high level of efficiency for the fuel cell.