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Anyone looking for a new destination after HANNOVER MESSE 2022 should set their sights on the Odenwald. That's where the idyllic town of Rimbach is located - and where SPIR STAR AG, the first company to receive an award for its near-natural company grounds, was located a few days ago. Meagre meadows with wildflowers, a small watercourse, amphibian pools and deadwood full of life - these are just some of the elements of SPIR STAR AG's near-natural premises. For this active (re)design of the company grounds, the family-owned company was awarded "silver" on May 17, 2022, as part of the "Thousands of Gardens - Thousands of Species" project funded by the German Federal Program for Biological Diversity.

The idea for the nature-oriented design came from company boss Ruben de Graaf himself, and he is correspondingly pleased about the award: "We entrepreneurs also have a responsibility for our environment. There is no planet B. I am proud of what we have achieved on our company premises," says de Graaf. He is convinced: "Creating and preserving habitats for native animals and plants is one of the most important issues for the future." Bettina de la Chevallerie, project manager of "Thousands of Gardens - Thousands of Species," therefore calls on people to follow this example: "Company grounds designed close to nature instead of barren concrete surfaces or boring short lawns - this is also how companies create urgently needed habitats for insects, and employees may also become interested in nature-oriented garden design in their private lives."

SPIR STAR will also be demonstrating at HANNOVER MESSE 2022 that working close to or in harmony with nature and high-tech are not contradictory. The company, which specializes in thermoplastic ultrahigh-pressure hoses with spiralized pressure carriers made of steel wire, will be presenting new developments and products at the trade fair that will play a particularly important role in the emerging hydrogen era.