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An "intelligent pallet" is at the heart of the smart supply chain solution that Ahrma has developed. The reusable pallet is coated with a polyurethane spray system (this is where BASF comes in) and has an active wireless RFID transponder. The supply chain solution based on this should provide companies with a complete overview of the location and movement of the dispatched goods, as well as temperature fluctuations, loading conditions, and possible impacts or falls. Companies use this data to streamline their processes, reduce waste, and ultimately reduce their logistics costs.

Although the Ahrma solution works by default with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and the BlueRobin protocol, it can also be used with LoRa, Sigfox and LTE-M if required. The batteries are expected to last ten years. Since Ahrma also offers the transponder as a self-sufficient system, it can be used to equip existing systems and new areas of application. Experts predict fundamental changes in the logistics industry as a result of digital transformation. A survey by the digital association Bitkom shows that eight out of ten companies that transport goods are already using special digital solutions today.

BASF has acquired shares worth €5 million in the startup. The chemical company plans to continue developing this technology in collaboration with Ahrma. The partnership is another building block in the strategy BASF announced back in July: supporting blockchain, sensor technology, augmented reality, future manufacturing and product simulation startups. This is also intended to strengthen the startup mentality in their own company, as well as the ability to compete and innovate.