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The intensified collaboration with the Belgian 3D printing specialist Materialize gives BASF access to the printing facilities and associated software solutions of the company, which has been active in the field of additive manufacturing for more than 25 years. With access to Materialise’s hardware and software infrastructure, BASF is able to test and develop its own materials for additive manufacturing processes under real conditions. In addition to improving 3D printing technologies for the automotive and aerospace industries, the partnership also focuses on developing solutions for the consumer goods industry.

Moreover, the collaboration also plans to develop products for other applications to open new markets for 3D printing. BASF considers cost efficiency, the ability to mass produce individual workpieces, and functional improvements the main advantages of additive manufacturing processes. This includes the development of lighter product designs that would not be feasible using traditional manufacturing processes. Materialise itself announced a partnership with HCL Technologies in the field of hybrid manufacturing to connect additive and CNC-based manufacturing processes.