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BASF is partnering with the European Union’s SPHERE project, which aims to design a computer program to enable the virtual replication of buildings. The ‘virtual twin’ will incorporate a wide range of data on construction method, design, production of construction materials, structural elements, as well as the construction process. The project has been allocated €7.4 million of EU funding as part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 program; its total volume is €12.8 million.

The Ludwigshafen-based chemical company is focusing on Building Information Modeling (BIM), i.e. the networked planning and construction of buildings. BASF’s Master Builders Solutions division, which focuses primarily on construction chemicals solutions, plays a leading role in this. As part of the SPHERE project, experts from this division will assess the sustainability of concrete mixes. BASF also plans to program software to develop precast concrete parts from fiber concrete. Furthermore, the company wants to provide a tool to compare repair and coating methods for concrete, and thereby find the most cost-effective solution for the building, without compromising quality and service life. Finally, BASF’s laboratory will also carry out tests to assess the quality of fiber concrete.