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In a statement , Kempf mentions in particular future technologies, such as blockchain or artificial intelligence (AI), whose development could be decisive for the competitiveness of German industry. The level of private investment in AI is 2.4 billion euros in Europe and five to six times higher in North America, Kempf explained. “We have to successfully combine the strength of German industry with the possibilities of AI. This is the prerequisite for Germany to stand up to AI pioneers such as the USA or China.”

All Federal Ministers, the Federal Minister for Digitization, Dorothee Bär, and the Head of the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government, Steffen Seibert , have a permanent seat on the Digital Committee, which first convened on June 27, 2018. Chancellor Angela Merkel will chair the committee herself, as the online magazine netzpolitik.org reports, citing government spokesman Seibert. The Federal Government is following the model of the state government of Rhineland-Palatinate with this model which has maintained such a committee for some time. The establishment of a digital ministry initiated by associations, as well as by individual members of parliament of all political groups, will probably take some more time.