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Who would know better than us energy-saving Central Europeans in the cold season: Heat is good for you. But what applies to us does not necessarily apply to machines. And quite honestly, too much heat is just as unpleasant and harmful for us as it is for our machines. But how can we always be sure that our machines and processes are within the right temperature range? According to Rittal, the answer to this question is as follows: "You can be quite sure. At least if you're using the new VX25 TopTherm Chiller. Because it literally packs a punch."

The compact solution from the Herborn-based enclosure specialist relies on liquid cooling for smooth operation. Using water as a cooling medium and a pipe system, the VX25 TopTherm Chiller from Rittal can dissipate even high heat loads from the machine or enclosure. To achieve this, the water must of course also be cooled - so far, so familiar. However, thanks to the integrated microchannel technology, Rittal has succeeded in reducing the refrigerant required for this in the chiller; by exactly 40 percent compared to the predecessor product. As if that were not enough, the efficient technology also reduces the CO2 footprint by up to 35 percent. All this is coupled with above-average reliability. Safety functions integrated as standard (overflow valves, flow monitors and level monitoring) as well as the NTC sensor for room-guided differential value control are also intended to ensure long-term problem-free operation.

According to the manufacturer, it is not only the inner values that are convincing. The chiller has a footprint that is only as large as a normal towel. In the power class up to 20 kilowatts, the footprint is just 0.48 square metres, which is 34 percent less than the conventional size. What's more, it can be easily strung together, which makes it ideal for retrofitting in existing rows of control cabinets. And to answer the question posed at the top: the VX25 TopTherm Chiller makes no secret of its condition. The display is easy to read and can be operated even with gloves on, providing information in plain text, making parameterisation child's play. And when you're lying on a warm South Sea beach? The VX25 TopTherm Chiller won't let you down. Thanks to remote monitoring via an integrated Ethernet interface, in every series-produced unit.