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Extended Reality (XR) refers to all combined real and virtual environments and human-machine interactions, and is therefore the umbrella term for representative forms such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), as well as the areas interpolated between them. At HANNOVER MESSE 2023, the Innsbruck-based XR expert Holo-Light will now present for the first time the new, extended version of its Augmented Reality Engineering Space AR3S, which can be used by engineers and industrial designers to visualise complex 3D CAD models in full size, overlay them with physical components and evaluate them in the real environment. With AR3S, everyone involved in the product development process can work on the same digital twin and conduct design reviews in real time, regardless of location.

Enhanced capabilities

Holo-Light says the latest version of AR3S - in addition to AR endpoints such as the Microsoft HoloLens 2 - now supports VR goggles such as the Meta Quest 2, enabling seamless interaction between the two. From slice planes and X-Ray mode to collision detection and markers directly on the object, AR3S is thus designed to create new ways of collaboration and decision-making in the digital space, in AR and VR combined or in AR alone.

The advantages of AR3S

AR3S is designed to support engineers and industrial designers primarily through faster concept evaluations, early detection of design errors and accelerated processes - from planning to design to implementation. In this way, AR3S not only shortens time-to-market, but also helps to reduce business travel and the resources needed for prototyping, thus minimising costs and the environmental footprint.

No Limits

Thanks to the integrated streaming technology, Holo-Light says there are no limits to the level of detail, file size and polygon count of the 3D holograms displayed. In addition, AR3S runs both in a local network and in the cloud, as desired. This should make the Augmented Reality Engineering Space suitable for countless industrial use cases such as prototyping, design testing, factory simulations or immersive training. Companies from the automotive manufacturing, aerospace and mechanical and plant engineering industries, such as BMW, Bilfinger and Danfoss Climate Solutions, among others, are already optimising their workflows with AR3S.