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Austrian Power Grid AG (APG) and the Energy Web Foundation (EWF) plan to jointly demonstrate that a pool of small, decentralized electricity generation plants can decisively help regulate the power frequency of the Austrian electricity grid - a crucial aspect in the electricity supply of the country, which intends to switch completely to renewable energies in this area by 2030.

For the proof of concept, APG’s Flex Hub concept will be combined with EW-DOS ’s open source applications and Energy Web’s blockchain platform in order to perform qualification and registration, bid management and billing functions for the decentralized plants. “We believe that a decentralized IT approach combining innovative technologies, such as the blockchain and proven IT systems for grid operation, represents the future for electricity grids around the world,” explains Micha Roon, CTO of EWF. APG expects most of the approximately 1 million households in Austria to participate in the flexibility market via the Flex Hub and thus contribute significantly to ensuring that the flexibility requirements for grid regulation and for all market participants are met.