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For two years now, the project Smart Service World BloGPV has investigated how virtual power storage networks can ensure local energy supply without losing data sovereignty. «Blockchain» technology is part of the solution.

The field test consists of roughly 100 participants in the greater Hannover area who are equipped with intelligent meters and networked to form a virtual power storage network. Around ten percent of the participants are «prosumers» – i.e., they have a photovoltaic system and an electricity storage system – and are therefore energy producers. All participants can view their current consumption and a forecast for the next day via a web portal. The «Solar Power Price Signal» area shows the periods in which surplus solar power is likely to be available. This enables consumers, for example, to schedule their electric vehicles for charging during those times so that they can benefit from reduced prices.

On a blockchain basis, the test assesses the allocation of producers and consumers at 15-minute intervals; calculations are fully automated. Since a self-installed PC component enables the balancing act, the generation and consumption data as well as the computing effort remain with the participant. Proof that an electricity exchange took place is merely recorded, which maintains data sovereignty and minimizes data expenditure in the blockchain.

Completion of the BloGPV is scheduled for spring 2021. In addition to documenting the results, final steps include further optimizations such as charging and discharging the electricity storage system. The project intends to prove that electricity communities are a solution for future energy markets.