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“Our approach to electric mobility is holistic sustainability, starting with vehicles through to many other sectors,” Joachim Kolling, Head of BMW Energy Services, told the online information service Energate Messenger. He reported on the company’s “smart charging-related services such as self-consump¬tion of self-generated energy and low costs for recharging.” According to Kolling the central goal of BMW Energy Services is to facilitate the “convenient, low-cost charging” of electric cars with eco-friendly electricity. To this end, the article continues, the “BMW Power Pool” – a smart network of power generators, consumers and storage systems – will be extended and developed into flexible controllable networks that could serve the national energy grid and thus help stabilize power supply.

Furthermore, the BMW energy pool in Leipzig connects up to 700 high-voltage batteries to a large high-voltage storage unit with a capacity of 15,000 kWh. Kolling explained that the aim is to add to the flexibility of the national grid reserves.