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Nikola and Bosch have been developing a fuel cell drive for trucks for several years. The US startup based in Salt Lake City has now announced that it has received investments of more than 100 million US dollars from Bosch and South Korean solar panel manufacturer Hanwha, coming to a total of over 230 million dollars. Bosch has been working with Nikola for years, supplying the eAxle for the planned hydrogen truck, among other components. This eAxle is a single unit containing the motor, electronics and drive. Conglomerate Hanwha acquired German solar company Q-Cells in 2012.

Currently, three truck models are in the pipeline. The Nikola One will feature a battery with a capacity of 320 kWh, charged via a hydrogen tank behind the driver’s cab. This battery will run six electric motors, supplying a total of 745 kW (1000 HP) and a range of 1930 km (1200 miles). The Nikola Two and Nikola Tre models will be a bit smaller and more compact.