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Bodyo was founded by Patrice Coutard, a native of France who has been the fitness coach of the national soccer team of Saudi Arabia for many years. His company, headquartered in Dubai, has been developing a full-body scanner since 2016. The monitor records users’ vital signs, then evaluates them using artificial intelligence. The current version is scheduled to be installed at hospitals, malls, fitness centers, and supermarkets this month. In about ten minutes, the devices detect parameters such as blood pressure, blood sugar level, height, weight, the body’s percentage of fat and muscle, and bone density.

In order to use the scanners, customers first need to open an account with their Saudi Arabian personal ID. Their data is then saved in their own private cloud. Medical professionals and institutions can only access this data with the user’s permission. Bodyo is currently working on an app customers will be able to use to call up their data at any time. For USD 9.99 per month for a premium account, they will then be offered tailored health and fitness programs and nutrition plans.

Diabetes and obesity are widespread problems in Saudi Arabia. It is estimated that by 2020, around 32% of the population will suffer from excessive blood sugar. Approximately 73% of Saudis are already obese or overweight.