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Company GP JOULE from Reußenköge in Schleswig-Holstein and Bremerhaven-based startup Green Fuels have launched the BH2V Alliance, which, in collaboration with additional partners, aims to develop and implement regional mobility solutions using hydrogen from renewable energies. The hydrogen project initiative aims to develop an infrastructure for the production, storage, and trading of hydrogen , to thereby supply customers in the maritime, heavy goods traffic, and public transport sectors in the Bremerhaven area.

The joint project eFarm , also initiated by GP JOULE in North Frisia, serves as a model here. As of 2020, five PEM electrolyzers powered by wind energy, with a capacity of 225 KW each, will generate hydrogen in this region, which will then be distributed to, initially, five fuel-cell passenger cars and two fuel-cell buses via two hydrogen fueling stations in Husum and Niebüll. The buses will be deployed as part of regular public transport services in the North Frisia district. Buses will be able to run for 350 km and cars for 600 km on one tank of fuel.