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The pump controller, which goes by the name of bplogic , is made by the manufacturer Brinkmann Pumps in Werdohl in North Rhine-Westphalia. It monitors not just cooling lubricant pumps, but also flaps and valves. The smart functions include long-term monitoring of the operating data together with the option for data export, an event display in plain text for the purpose of fast fault localization, regulation of additional return pumping stations and monitoring of the wear condition of the pumps.

This is used, among other things, for predictive maintenance. It estimates the remaining service life of the monitored system, allowing repairs to be planned at an early stage. Additional software is able to calculate the volume flow on the basis of the measured pressure without a dedicated sensor. Communication is carried out by means of field bus connections, Ethernet, WLAN or a cloud connection (OPC-UA/MQTT). The collected data can thus be fed into further process automation, in a manufacturing execution system (MES) for example.