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In cooperation with the University of St. Gallen, German weekly business news magazine “ WirtschaftsWoche ” awards the title of “ World Market Leader ” to companies that are trendsetting in their sector. The University of St. Gallen has drawn up a strict list of criteria for ranking the top companies. These criteria include a turnover of at least €50 million, half of which must be generated abroad and on at least three continents. The company , founded in 1963 by Dr. Karl Busch and his wife, meets the criteria: It has had a sales company in Great Britain since 1971, and its first production facility abroad was established in the US in 1979. Today, Busch’s main manufacturing facility is located in Maulburg, in southern Baden; the company also operates production plants in the US, Switzerland, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, and Korea.

With Huckepack , Busch developed the first vacuum pump for food packaging, and its successor model R5 brought about a real revolution in this field. Busch Vacuum Solutions currently offers a comprehensive range of vacuum and overpressure solutions for a wide variety of applications in industry sectors such as chemicals, food, medical technology, plastics, and semiconductors. The company is still run by the family today and has around 3,500 employees worldwide.