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If you've ever caught sight of the mass of wires and connectors housed in a large control cabinet, you'll realize how important it is that everything inside is correctly and logically labeled and marked. That is why specialists in connection and automation technology such as WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG are increasingly offering their own systems comprising marking software and special printers. WAGO has now announced it will be launching a new marking software called smartSCRIPT in March 2019 that has been customized for the WAGO smartPRINTER thermal transfer printer.

smartSCRIPT marking software is designed to make life exceptionally easy for users, with all applications, printer drivers and settings pre-integrated into the software. Operation and handling are also intuitive and self-explanatory, as the WAGO software has been based around programs that customers use on a frequent basis. Last but not least, the clear on-screen illustration of all worksteps should ensure all WAGO products can be quickly and easily marked up, whether with conductor markers, nameplates or labels.

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