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This is the finding of a survey conducted by security provider Thycotic and market research company Vanson Bourne of 200 cybersecurity decision-makers in German and British companies. Just 15% of those surveyed stated that their company’s management recognizes that secure data processing brings a real competitive advantage. 28% complained that their security-related work is seen in terms only of cost. Consistent with this, 65% of security experts criticize their company’s board or management for overlooking the business benefits of investments in cybersecurity. 30% said that management limits their role to countering threats and that there is little scope for developing preventative measures. Even colleagues outside security departments do not see the value of the work of the security pros (25%), or even think that their work stops them from getting on with their own work (19%).

One thing is indisputable, however: cyberattacks are already having a serious impact on the economy . In light of the growing threat , managers urgently need to change their views.