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This revealed some surprises: 54% of the 107 CDOs surveyed worldwide reported that they spend more time promoting their digital strategy in their companies than actually implementing it. Although only 10% saw it as their task to change the corporate culture, the occupational profile has not yet been precisely defined: 84% of respondents were the first of their kind in their companies. Another finding of the survey identifies the fly in the ointment: 80% of CDOs reported that developing a digital corporate culture was more difficult or even much more difficult than expected. Among other things, the consultants recommend ensuring that the entire management team is aware of and supports the role of the CDO.

A study by TMG Consultants in 2018 showed that industrial companies in particular are increasingly recruiting CDOs. In most cases, however, their tasks are not adequately described, and the distribution of tasks between the various board positions is often not clearly defined.