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"Hygienic design" is the process of creating parts, components and production facilities that are designed specifically to facilitate optimum cleaning. It is now one of the essential requirements for protecting end products in hygiene-critical production environments against microbial and particulate contamination. With the issue becoming increasingly important, the demand for appropriately designed components is also growing in the mechanical engineering sector. The MAXOLUTION parallel arm kinematics kit from drive specialist SEW-EURODRIVE offers a functionally scalable and hygienically designed robotic solution.

The MAXOLUTION parallel arm kinematics kit consists of a controller package, robot axis package and robot mechanics package. All three packages can be freely combined with each other. Besides software and a display, the controller package also features the control module in the form of SEW-EURODRIVE's MOVI-C CONTROLLER UHX85A-R, for example. The robot axis package, meanwhile, comprises axis modules such as MOVIDRIVE modular, along with compatible servomotors including cabling. Finally, the robot mechanics package contains servo gear units such as the new PxG planetary servo gear unit, which is compatible with all conventional robot kinematics. Combined with user-friendly teach-in functions and easy configuration, the kit aims to deliver highly functional solutions in next to no time. While even the basic version supports hygienic design, a special version with an enclosed stainless steel housing is also reportedly an option, if required.

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