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Industrial manufacturing has been undergoing a fundamental transformation for several years, fueled primarily by digitalization. There is hardly a company report that does not talk about "Industry Four Point Zero" - and its beneficial side effects. And indeed, the use of ultra-modern industrial control, monitoring and analysis systems is already part of everyday life today and undeniably brings many advantages. However, all these innovations create new challenges in places where one would not even suspect it at first. Among other things, the aforementioned systems, as compact as they may sometimes be, and the system disruptions that go along with them make for increased planning effort and additional crowding in the control cabinet. The simultaneous accommodation of power supply, safety systems, signal processing and connectivity in often very confined spaces therefore requires efficient control cabinet planning more than ever.

Space and order in the control cabinet

PHOENIX CONTACT, which claims to be the global market leader and innovator in electrification, networking and automation, is now providing its customers and those who want to become customers with the clipx ENGINEER engineering software, a set of tools that should make it possible to plan and order terminal strips, populated mounting plates and terminal boxes more efficiently than ever before, and to transfer the data seamlessly to production - at any work location.

Maximum availability

There are a number of reasons why software programs such as clipx ENGINEER, which ensure the continuous flow of data, contribute significantly to efficiency throughout the entire process. Firstly, there is the maximum availability: clipx ENGINEER allows the choice between online and offline application, between the cloud and the local server - so that planning can be accessed from any location, mobile and flexible.

Intelligent interfaces

Bi-directional interfaces to CAE programs as well as direct connection to familiar PHOENIX CONTACT applications, configurators and the online store streamline and accelerate time-consuming planning tasks and increase the overall efficiency of all workflows.

Simplified planning

PHOENIX CONTACT clipx ENGINEER features intelligent engineering wizards to simplify planning. Entire function groups can be created with just a few clicks or articles can be checked for application-relevant approvals. In addition, a wizard automatically completes projects with all necessary accessories.

Seamless processes

With the clipx ENGINEER engineering software, planning tasks can also be performed directly in 3D. The software also offers the option of generating manufacturing documents from the project or controlling manufacturing systems.