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You must bait the hook to suit the fish, as they say. The same goes for digital work instructions. To ensure that everyone performs their tasks as efficiently and safely as possible, checklists and standard operating procedures (SOPs) must be tailored to the individual and the workplace: highly detailed for temporary workers, floaters and new employees, reduced to the essentials for experienced “old hands”. This flexibility is provided by Augmentir, a suite of latest-generation connected-worker tools. Not only does it enable instructions to be digitized and all content to be managed centrally. In addition, AI algorithms dynamically adapt instructions to each worker’s recency, skill level, and actual job performance. The AI-based platform also includes tools for virtual collaboration via text or video chat, augmented reality (AR) or mixed reality (MR). This allows employees to get advice from remote experts on specific questions at a plant. From these conversations, Augmentir builds up a knowledge database of typical questions and solutions. Valuable know-how is thus documented and can also serve as a basis for service bots.

Augmentir also helps to optimize workflows. The integrated AI recognizes work steps where employees hesitate, request additional videos and photos, or ask for advice. Analyzing this data lays the foundation for continuous improvement in two areas: the guidance offered as well as the processes themselves. To make such process mining successful, AI also helps to identify and cleanse “noisy data” from errors and outliers, that would otherwise dilute results.

While the latest generation of connected worker solutions does not mandate the use of AI right from the start, it offers broader opportunities – by helping to achieve much more in the medium term than just digitizing paper-based work instructions. Augmentir will be demonstrating how this is done at the Cisco Systems booth in Hall 5.


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