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Time for a brief journey through time? It all began in the1950s. In Rheine, the headquarters of KTR Systems GmbH, the BoWex is developed, the first maintenance-free curved-tooth coupling that combines steel and plastic. This is followed shortly afterwards by the ROTEX, the first branded coupling to become a DIN standard. These successes are inspiring. And you can build on them - which is exactly what KTR does. Which brings us back to the present day. In addition to numerous standard products, KTR now produces more than 20,000 new developments and variants every year on behalf of customers. In order to maintain this level, KTR is always on the move: With the new R&D center in Rheine and the new competence center for brakes in Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, decisive steps have been taken on the road to the future.

Clutch hub with integrated measuring system

The latest addition to Westfalen's extensive range, the MONITEX BT torque sensor, is also the result of this inventive spirit. To be more precise, the MONITEX BT is a ROTEX clutch hub with an integrated measuring system for recording torque and speed. Due to its short design, the system can replace a standard ROTEX hub in many cases and is easy to install.

Continuous operation and mobile monitoring

An inductive power supply - realized by an inductive head, which is mounted radially at a maximum distance of ten millimetres from the clutch - enables permanent use of the measuring clutch. As soon as the system is switched on, the measured torque and speed data is sent by the MONITEX BT via Bluetooth and can be received by a smartphone, tablet or PC using the free MONITEX BT app.

Safe operation thanks to limit value monitoring

The app visualizes the drive data obtained as a curve and as a numerical display. The numerical display also shows the average and maximum values. If limit value monitoring is activated, the app alerts the user if the load exceeds or falls below the entered range. The torque and speed data are automatically logged and can be sent and saved after the measurement.