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Among the premiere guests at this year's HANNOVER MESSE is JAKA Robotics, a very young high-tech manufacturer from the industrial automation sector. Founded in Shanghai in 2014, the company has managed to firmly establish itself in the market and expand far beyond China's borders despite its short existence. In addition to its headquarters, this is evidenced by four branches, two R&D centers and three divisions with a complete ecosystem for collaborative robotics applications. To further advance human interaction, JAKA says the cobots it produces have an in-house developed, highly improved safety system. As evidence, the company cites well over 200 patents granted in less than ten years. But it is not only in the area of collaboration that JAKA wants to set new standards. The company's own cobots are also able to dispel general concerns about investment costs, it says. In other words, JAKA offers particularly favorable conditions. The Chinese see possible applications for their products from the automotive industry to the F&B industry - from screwing to painting.

In any case, there will be plenty to see in Hanover. Among the many exhibits on display is the JAKA MiniCobo, a little helper that one could actually imagine being used in particularly nerdy private households for the first time. With a base price of 6,500 euros net, it costs hardly more than a highly equipped gaming PC. According to the manufacturer, the JAKA MiniCobo is characterized by lightness, compactness, high flexibility and easy installation. An integrated intelligent drive module ensures the lightweight and compact design, and in addition, extensive secondary development interfaces offer customers plenty of choices for various application scenarios. In addition to its compactness, the JAKA MiniCobo is said to impress with its simple and intuitive operation, low noise level and favorable cost-benefit ratio. According to JAKA, it is particularly suitable for consumer, service, education and other areas.