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The UNICARagil partners are convinced that the future belongs to autonomous electromobility. The four-year project headed by the Institute for Motor Vehicles at RWTH Aachen University aims to develop innovative autonomous electric vehicles for a variety of applications. The basis is a modular, scalable vehicle concept consisting of payload and drive units that can be adapted to a wide range of applications in logistics and passenger transport, such as a mobile packing station or as a family taxi.

The research focusses on vehicle architecture which is networked with the cloud, the road infrastructure, and drones as flying sensor clusters. Other points of interest include the development of sensor modules for environment detection and modules for individual steering, acceleration, and deceleration of individual wheels, which should allow the vehicles to be fully controlled. Other partners of the project, in addition to RWTH Aachen, include the Technical Universities of Braunschweig , Darmstadt und München , the Universities of Stuttgart and Ulm , the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and, from the industry, atlatec , flyXdrive , iMAR Navigation , IPG Automotive , Schaeffler , and Vires Simulationstechnologie .