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According to an analysis by the consulting firm Lünendonk, which conducted the analysis together with the auditing firm KPMG, many industries and companies are already using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Departments such as finance, human resources, contract management and marketing & communication in particular achieve significant added value through automation. Intelligent robots not only take over routine tasks for employees, but assist them with decision-making. Lünendonk has prepared a white paper on the opportunities that intelligent automation offers companies, customers and employees. Success nevertheless requires precise planning and integration into a company's overall strategy.

VDI News also reports that AI's potential is on the rise. If automation is to make any headway it will have to rely on AI, in the view of technology observer Ulrich Eberl. Doing so means leveraging image processing systems and predictive maintenance to detect errors and to optimize collaborative manufacturing, delivery processes, warehouses and indeed the entire value chain.