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The automotive supplier and the telecommunications service provider have been cooperating for a long time. They already presented ContiConnect, a digital tire monitoring platform , in March 2018. The complete tire temperature and pressure data of commercial vehicle fleets are transmitted to a central web portal via mobile communications. The system automatically sends an alert to defined recipients in case of critical values.

Both companies recently presented connected road safety projects . Firstly, they are focusing on a "digital protective shield" for pedestrians and cyclists: for example, cameras in the vehicles should detect pedestrians who suddenly cross the street. The data is sent to a base station where it is evaluated using artificial intelligence. Vehicles in the immediate vicinity will be warned in the event of imminent danger. Technologies such as 5G , Cellular V2X and Mobile Edge Computing should make this possible in the blink of an eye.

Secondly, Vodafone and Continental are working on a connected traffic jam detector. If there are stoppages in traffic, the vehicles should be able to share this information with other vehicles in the vicinity. Drivers could then listen to suggestions of alternative routes in real time and avoid the traffic jam. If it is already too late, they will be warned about the traffic jam to allow them to slow down early on.

German citizens in fact trust AI most when it comes to reducing traffic congestion. A representative Bitkom survey showed that 83% are convinced by this approach - more than any other possibilities surveyed. 81% also expect artificial intelligence to enable machines to carry out physically demanding activities for industrial employees. 68% hope that AI will accelerate administrative activities.