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In their declaration of intent GreenPower2Jet (GP2J) , the TU Hamburg, Airbus, BP, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Dow and Hoyer Logistik have agreed to jointly conduct research on PtL processes for aviation fuels and participate in the “Reallabore der Energiewende” (Real-world laboratories for the energy transition) ideas competition organized by the Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi).

The project aims to build an industrial PtL plant by 2021/22 that will supply synthetic hydrocarbons based on Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. The plan is to use the resulting climate-neutral fuel on regularly flown routes at Hamburg Airport and for the first fueling of Airbus aircraft in Hamburg-Finkenwerder. The consortium also intends to produce diesel from the by-products in order to use it in heavy long-distance freight traffic and on ships in the Port of Hamburg. As part of the real-world laboratory, the experts would like to find out to what extent the use of PtL technology can be economically and ecologically optimized and what the energy management conditions must be in order for such a concept to be viable.