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Digitalization is now a key factor in all industries, including manufacturing. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are among the most critical digital technologies for manufacturers, because they are the key to maximizing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of production processes. "Manufacturers are increasingly switching from old-school Excel spreadsheets to powerful ERP applications," explained Hubertus von Monschaw, Deutsche Messe's Global Director Digital Ecosystems for HANNOVER MESSE. "ERPs provide a relatively quick and straightforward way of determining and monitoring performance because they capture all steps of the relevant production processes," he said.

ERP systems allow businesses to monitor and control multiple parallel production steps in real time. This yields a number of critical benefits. For instance, it enables the timely initiation of logistical processes so that the required production inputs are always available in the right place at the right time.

The ERP exhibitor list for this year's HANNOVER MESSE is truly impressive. For example, PSI Automotive & Industry GmbH (Germany) is back and will be showcasing its PSIpenta ERP and MES suite. Developed specifically for the manufacturing industry, PSIpenta supports all functions required for problem-free planning and operational reliability in factories and similar production facilities. IT also supports industrial applications of numerous artificial intelligence methods. PSIpenta is intended primarily for use by small and medium-sized enterprises.

SMEs are also the main focus of the ERP experts at abas Software AG , Karlsruhe, Germany. One particularly interesting aspect of the company's abas ERP software is its suite of mobile solutions. The abas Mobile Sales solution, for example, gives users on-the-go access to all CRM data, including customer and prospect data, while abas Mobile Warehouse includes an integrated mobile scanner app that companies can use to optimize their warehouse processes.

IFS Deutschland will also be at the show. IFS is constantly integrating further software modules into its ERP suite, enabling industrial users to manage and control everything from projects and buildings to entire machinery fleets.

German IT expert Trovarit AG is returning to HANNOVER MESSE with IT-Matchmaker, a software tool that enables industrial companies to plan, manage and monitor entire business software lifecycles, from evaluation and selection to implementation and usage optimization.

Germany's Gebauer GmbH , meanwhile, will be using the show to profile its award-winning TimeLine ERP software. Available in many variants and modular configurations, TimeLine ERP is a fully integrated ERP system developed especially for companies in the manufacturing industry. Among the product's many highlights are its graphical planning dashboards, which enable users to keep track of even very large and complex projects. It also features integrated data capture functionality, meaning it can capture machine, operating and many other types of data directly, without external interfaces.

Of course, no showcase of ERP software solutions would be complete without SAP . At HANNOVER MESSE, SAP will be presenting an array of solutions, including SAP S/4HANA Cloud, a smart ERP system featuring a comprehensive range of AI-based functions. The system enables companies to fully automate many different workflows. For example, it can automate the routine tasks involved in accounts receivable and accounts payable accounting, thereby streamlining financial reporting. SAP S/4HANA Cloud is much more than a financial reporting tool, of course. It is a full-featured ERP solution that can optimize supply chains, including purchase requisitions, and perform material requirements planning – all in real time.