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An impressive 79% of IT startups here are currently working with established, medium-sized companies or large concerns. These are the findings of a recent Bitkom survey . For 60% of startups, the primary aim is joint development of innovative products and services. The benefit for established companies is, above all, support from the startups in introducing new technologies, in the areas of blockchain or artificial intelligence (AI), for example.

16% of startups stated that they did not have the support of a larger cooperation partner. The reasons for this, according to the survey, are a lack of interest from established companies (38%), the desire of young entrepreneurs to remain independent (36%), a shortage of projects (30%) or a lack of contact (28%). Established companies have a financial holding in 17% of the startups surveyed and are thus on trend: investment in German startups increased between 2017 and 2018 by over 30% .