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The TruBend Series 8000 machines from the Ditzingen-based high-tech company TRUMPF have long impressed with their precise versatility. With the recently introduced latest generation, the Swabians have "bored up" their bending machine even further, so that even particularly large components can now be processed highly efficiently. With an installation height of 880 millimetres and a stroke of 700 millimetres, employees can bend workpieces with large box heights easily and unthread them again conveniently. Furthermore, the machine has numerous additional options designed to make bending heavy workpieces easier. These include a bending aid that automatically guides the component during the bending process, thus relieving the operator. In addition, the machine can be equipped with a special tool clamp for XXL components. "The new TruBend 8000 series optimally complements our portfolio in the bending segment. Companies will find the right technology for every bending application at TRUMPF - from entry-level machines to fully automated solutions for oversized parts," says Product Manager Deborah Lidauer about the introduction of the new generation.

Bending even high-strength steels without problems

The first machine of the new generation has a press capacity of 400 tonnes and can thus process thick and short sheets without any problems. Thanks to the large bending length of 4.40 metres, however, it is also suitable for long, thinner components. The machine is said to bend even particularly strong materials such as Hardox or Weldox machine steels effortlessly. It also enables users to perform so-called station bending, in which different upper and lower tools can be used next to each other. This allows production workers to process different components and bends without having to change the machine set-up each time. The TruBend 8000 is therefore particularly interesting for companies that bend large components in small quantities. Typical industries for the new machine generation are automotive or mechanical engineering as well as building technology. But universal applications for job shoppers are also said to be ideally suited.

Ready for use in the Smart Factory

With its numerous automation functions, the machine is also perfectly prepared for use in a Smart Factory. In the highest equipment level, TRUMPF partner Starmatik ensures fully automated operation. In this case, a six-axis industrial robot takes over the loading and unloading process. The use of the industrial robot also makes it possible to include downstream processing steps of the component - such as moulding, joining or welding - in the automation.

Proven software and sustainability

The new generation of the TruBend Series 8000 again features TRUMPF's proven Boost bending software and TecZone Bend for offline programming. All the operator has to do is upload a 2D or 3D model of his component to the software and the software automatically creates a 3D simulation, including collision monitoring, which can be used either completely or with minor manual changes for the bending process. Of course, the TruBend Series 8000 also supports the trend towards more sustainability in manufacturing. For example, there is now an on-demand drive as an option, thanks to which the speed of the motor can be automatically adapted to the press beam movement. This should enable energy savings of up to 26 percent and reduce noise.